A Continuous Mixer For All Reasons

A Brief History
The OS-10 continuous mixer is based on a patented and well-tested design which is being successfully used in the production of a broad spectrum of products. Large companies, like DuPont, Thiokol and Procter & Gamble, are using the Autocon OS-10 in their continuous mixing production lines. Small startup companies have had similar success meeting their continuous processing needs, particularly in regard to difficult formulations.

Designed for efficiency, versatility
Designed to be efficient in every respect, the OS-10 requires a remarkably small amount of energy, space and maintenance. Clean up time is greatly reduced by the OS-10's self-purging design.

Capable of thoroughly mixing a diverse array of materials, the OS-10 is ideal for new and retro-fit installations. Standard and sanitary/ food-grade/lab-grade models are available.

LEARN MORE about the most common reasons our customers have for choosing the OS-10.

To best determine how the OS-10 can meet your particular mixing requirements, please email us questions specific to your mixing needs, or call us directly at 1-707-312-0301.

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REASONS: #1: Easy Clean Up | #2: Easy Retro-Fit | #3: Virtually No Dust | #4: Reduced Energy Bills
#5: Light-weight Fillers | #6: Long-lasting, Low Wear | #7: Wide Range of Through-put Rates | #8: Multiple Ingredients
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