About the OS-10 and Autocon Systems

A Brief Autocon History
Autocon processing equipment has been used by large companies like DuPont, Thiokol, Procter & Gamble, Boeing and Frito-Lay. Small startup companies have also had similar success with Autocon processing equipment, particularly in regard to difficult formulations.

The heart of the Autocon Continuous Process is a vertically oriented, turbine mixer housed in a close-fitting cylinder or "mixing chamber." Originally developed for the Composites market, this patented device has proven to be valuable in numerous other solid/liquid, liquid/liquid, and dry blending applications. The Autocon Continuous Mixer is capable — both in industrial production and laboratory processing — of doing more with less: less energy; less wasted material; less site space; and less maintenance.

The Autocon Approach
Autocon is dedicated to the proposition that production of a superior piece of process equipment must include an effective customer service package. We have achieved this two-fold goal by remaining a responsive organization. Generally, you'll be talking to the person who's actually involved in "doing it." He or she can react quickly and effectively because the answer to your question is no more than one person away.

Testing...and More Testing
We at Autocon believe there is no substitute for a well-executed test. "One test is worth a thousand expert opinions," is our well-worn maxim. If, after a thorough discussion of the customer's need, a continuous/on-demand mixing application is apparent, we will request sample quantities of material to be processed through our Northern California test stand. If those results are satisfactory, we will furnish the customer with a test report and request a second-level "witness" test with the customer present either at our facility or at the customer's plant or lab.

How To Contact OS-10 / Autocon
By Phone in the USA:
voice: 1-707-312-0301

International Calls:
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